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Yang Group Photo - June 2018

Welcome to the Yang Organic and Supramolecular Materials Group Website. We are located in the TangAoQing Building at Jilin University, China. Research in our group is highly interdisciplinary which combines chemistry, materials science, nanoscience and biology, but centers in the field of organic and supramolecular functional materials, with emphasis on biocompatible nanocarriers and supramolecular assemblies based on mesoporous silica, porous organic materials, metal-organic frameworks, metal/metal oxide nanoparticles, polymeric nanoassemblies, and related hybrid materials for therapeutic applications and environmental sustainability. We invite you to explore the various sections for more information.



A new version of macrocyclic arenes, namely geminiarene, has been designed and synthesized for guest complexation and chlorobenzene/chlorocyclohexane mixture separation with excellent dual selectivity. Due to its unique dual/gemini conformational feature, not only chlorocyclohexane can be separated from chlorobenzene with exceeding 97% purity but also chlorobenzene can be separated from chlorocyclohexane with purity over 88%, and the dual selective fractionation process could be achieved in only one cycle of operation. Significantly, we demonstrate that the dual selectivity capability is essentially a competition of the stability between the guest-free and guest-loaded crystalline phases of geminiarene. 


A lean‐to: A series of backbone‐desymmetrized pillararenes, namely leaning pillar[6]arenes (tilted pillar[6]arenes, leaning tower[6]arenes), has been designed and successfully synthesized. They exhibit interesting three‐dimensional packing structures and enhanced host‐guest properties.

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